Bedford Borough Council and Recycle Week: "We Do, Because It Matters" Photo by Alfonso Navarro on Unsplash

Recycle Week 2018

Bedford Borough Council is using Recycle Week 2018 to remind residents of the importance of recycling and protecting the environment.  TV shows such as Blue Planet II and major developments towards reducing unnecessary plastic have motivated people to care about the environment in a way they never have before.

According to RecycleNow, it’s estimated that an average of 35.8 million plastic bottles are used every day across the UK. But only 19.8million of them are recycled – meaning there are on average 16million plastic bottles are not making it to a recycling bin.

Cllr Charles Royden, Portfolio Holder for Environment said:

“With a fortnightly recycled waste collection from households, it is easy to get into the habit of recycling.

“Paper, cardboard, plastic food packaging and bottles, and metal packaging can all be recycled in your orange bin.”

It is also easy to forget that there are lots of plastic items from across the home that can be recycled. Such as shampoo or bleach bottles from the bathroom, and every little bit makes a difference.

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