Cory Walker, Refill Bedford Organiser and Mayor Dave Hodgson Image:Bedford Borough Council

Part of a network to fill up reusable water bottles for free

Bedford Borough Council has signed up as a Refill Station, joining Refill Bedford creating a network of local places where people can go fill up their reusable water bottle for free.

‘Refill’ is a nationwide campaign working to connect people with thousands of local businesses, community venues, transport hubs and public fountains where they can refill for free. They have launched a free ‘Refill App’ where anyone can find Refill Stations where they can refill on the go.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said:

“We have always been proactive about tackling climate change, working to reduce our carbon emissions and have seen a 62% reduction since 2010.

“As a Council, we are also working towards becoming ‘single-use’ plastic free by the end of 2020. I am very proud that Borough Hall is joining this Refill movement, making it easier for local people to live green.”

It is estimated that a million plastic bottles are purchased every minute, and plastic bottles make up a third of all plastic pollution in the sea.

Bedford Borough Council has declared a Climate Emergency and is working to become ‘single-use’ plastic free by the end of 2020. It has joined this growing movement to take action against plastic pollution.

Cory Walker, Refill Bedford Organiser said:

“Who needs to buy bottled water anymore? Using a refillable bottle is better for our environment and the more Refill Stations we have everywhere, the quicker it is to have access to free tap water and to be able to refill.

“Bringing this to Bedford is exciting and we are looking forward to see who will support us with the campaign.”

A sticker will be placed on the front of Borough Hall showing its status as a Refill Station. This means anyone is welcome to come in and refill their water bottle at the water fountain in the Reception area.

Find out more and download the Refill App at