Foster Care Fortnight Image: andre-hunter-107089-unsplash

New video to say thank you to Bedford Borough’s Foster Carer Stars

Every day 55,000 foster families across the UK are giving 65,000 fostered children and young people a loving, secure and stable home. This commitment from foster families is ongoing during the coronavirus outbreak.

The fostering charity, The Fostering Network, is using this year’s Foster Care Fortnight to raise awareness of the extraordinary dedication and work of foster carers at this time, while calling for more people to come forward to foster.

To celebrate Foster Care Fortnight, Bedford Borough Council has released a short film to thank Foster Carers for their work and to recognise them as stars.

Children’s Services staff have described Foster Carers as the ‘guiding light’, for children and young people, describing how the points on a star might represent the, ‘stability, security, nurture, safety and love’ that they offer.

During the film people are encouraged to show their support by creating stars and displaying them in their windows, recognising foster carers as key workers. They can also be shared on social media and use the hashtags ‘#FCF20 #FosterCarerStars’.

Cllr James Valentine, portfolio holder for Children’s Services and Education said:

“We are very proud of all our foster carers in Bedford Borough and each and every one deserves a massive thank you.

“Foster carers need a delicate blend of skills and attributes such as being a good listener, having patience and warmth all complimented by a good understanding of what it means to be a parent or carer.

“You can be single, married, from a same-sex family or retired and there is an active network of support groups that provide opportunities to meet and learn from other foster carers where many go on to make long-term friendships.”

Kevin Williams, chief executive of The Fostering Network, said:

“Foster care transforms the lives of children and young people as well as those of the foster carers and their families. This has never been more important. Foster carers help children and young people flourish and fulfil their potential, as well as provide a vital service to our society. Because this happens mainly in the privacy of their own homes – especially at the moment – their contributions too often go unnoticed.

“Foster Care Fortnight is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the work of foster carers and their families as well as recognising how transformational foster care can be for the children and young people who need it.”

Every year thousands more foster carers are needed across the UK to make sure fostered children can live with the right foster carer for them.

Despite the coronavirus, this year is no different. Bedford Borough Council are appealing for anyone who thinks they might have the skills and experience is urged to contact them.

For information about becoming a foster carer in Bedford Borough please visit