New fine for irresponsible waste disposal in Bedford Borough Image By Jon Le-Bon-AdobeStock_55562995

Council already issues fines to those who commit the offence of fly-tipping

Bedford Borough Council has introduced a new Fixed Penalty Notice to tackle fly-tipping. It is estimated that two-thirds of fly-tipped waste is household waste. This is due to householders using an unauthorised person to take it away and not that they fly-tipped it themselves.

To crack down on this, a new Fixed Penalty Notice has been introduced which will see a £300 fine issued to people who are responsible for fly-tipping because they allowed an unauthorised individual get rid of their household waste.

If an individual is disposing of their household waste, they have a ‘duty of care’ to ensure that they are using a licensed waste carrier so that the waste is disposed of correctly. If they do not, and the waste is fly-tipped the individual who created the waste will be fined, alongside the person who committed the fly-tipping.

Residents paid for rubbish to be cleared, only for it to be dumped nearby

The Council has been aware of a case where residents wanted to clear some rubbish from their garden. They were quoted £100 for the waste to be cleared by a third party, who then dumped it in an alleyway just a few metres away.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said:

“It is irresponsible to allow an unauthorised individual to get rid of your waste, as it can end up being fly-tipped and be a blight on our local environment.

“We would ask everyone to work with us as we crack down on fly-tipping across Bedford Borough. The best way to do this is to always ensure that you are disposing of any household waste correctly; with a licensed waste carrier and to get a ‘Waste Transfer Note’.

“Otherwise, if the waste is later found fly-tipped you can be held responsible and what may have seemed like a great deal can go extremely sour with a fine of £300.”

This new Fixed Penalty Notice follows the Government’s introduction of a Fixed Penalty Notice for breaches of the household waste duty of care.