Petition to improve flood defences in Bedford Borough Image by jayfish AdobeStock_114567125

Petition had over 450 signatures

A petition was submitted at Full Council on Wednesday 13 January 2021 by Conservative councillor Jim Weir. It thanked all the volunteers and staff for their hard work during the Christmas 2020 flood. The petition also:

  • Asked for a review in relation to the flood preparation and what needs to be done to attempt to stop future flooding
  • Called on Bedford Borough Council to make recommendations and provide clear guidance on which body is responsible for carrying out these actions
  • Called on the Council to hold the Environment Agency to account on how it is spending Bedford taxpayer’s money to protect residents from future flooding
  • To work with local community groups to ensure local knowledge and best practise is used in managing floods

Great Denham Councillor Jim Weir said:

“A number of villages such as Turvey, Harrold and Oakley were badly affected by flooding over Christmas 2020. The day after this petition was submitted to Full Council a number of villages experienced flooding again from the river, surface water run off and local brooks, which has led to water coming into people’s homes and certain roads being flooded again. This just shows what a serious matter this is.

“We believe it’s right to thank officers for all their hard work to date, but also to note that keeping flooding at bay is an ongoing issue and we as a council can’t rest on our laurels.”

Conservative Group deputy leader, Cllr Roger Rigby, said:

“The petition was only started late on Sunday and the number of signatures gathered in a short period of time shows that this is very important to residents.”

Cllr Weir is asking those who have signed the petition for their comments to submit to Full Council on 3 February 2021. They can send their comments to the group researcher Stephen Vallance at

You can also sign the petition at Bedford Borough Flood Defences Petition.