Speedwatch on Bedford Borough’s Streets Image: Bedford Borough Council

Speeding vehicles is a common concern

Bedford Borough Councils’ Community Speedwatch Vehicle is out and about on the Borough’s streets. The Council has heard concerns from residents and has created the ‘Speedwatch vehicle’, in partnership with Bedfordshire Police.

This van will travel around the Borough, with trained staff tracking the speed of vehicles.

If a driver is speeding they will receive a warning through the post. They may also be visited by the Police, particularly if they are a repeat offender or are travelling at excessive speeds.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said:

“Speeding is consistently one of the biggest concerns people raise with me, in communities across the Borough. We have already introduced average speed cameras in a number of hotspot locations in response to local concerns.

“The Speedwatch vehicle will give us an additional, mobile means of responding to people’s concerns and will enable us to cover a wide range of locations. We will be able to send the van out, be a presence on roads across the Borough and help make those roads safer for everyone.”

Inspector Paul Ayling from the North Bedfordshire Community Policing team said:

“Speed is one of the ‘fatal four’ driving offences and we urge drivers to comply with the limit. It is vital we pay attention to the speed limit and conditions and drive responsibly.”

Traffic survey Keeley Lane Image: Bedford Borough Council

Speeds in Wootton

A Freedom of Information request showed that during a traffic survey in 2015 by Bedford Borough, nearly 200 vehicles were recorded travelling over 40mph in the 30mph zone on Keeley Lane.

In one day, two vehicles were recorded travelling in excess of 60mph.

A police spokesperson told the Chronicle:

“Anyone who has concerns around speeding and dangerous drivers in their area is always advised to contact police so that we can take appropriate action.”