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Borough has the 10th highest infection rate in England

Bedford Borough Council is working with Public Health England and the Joint Biosecurity Centre to carryout an investigation into the ongoing local high coronavirus infection rate. Since 12 June it has risen from the 14th highest rate in England to the 10th highest.

This will look at why rates of infection in Bedford Borough aren’t falling as quickly as other areas. And most importantly, what can be done to bring the rate down and slow the spread of the virus.

Public Health England is responsible for analysing the data from tests, enabling the virus to be traced and action taken to reduce the spread.

By accessing this more detailed information, analysts at Public Health England and the Joint Biosecurity Centre will be working with the Council to identify any hotspots where new cases are emerging, so the appropriate action can be taken.

Dave Hodgson, Mayor of Bedford Borough, said:

“We need the detailed data from the deep dive to be able to take effective action to control the spread of the virus at a local level.

“Public Health England in conjunction with the Joint Biosecurity Centre have agreed that Bedford Borough will be the priority area to get this ‘deep dive’ investigation, seeking answers to why rates here are higher than in nearby areas and what actions can be implemented to control the infection.

“We already know that the rate of infections is high locally. While these rates remain high we’re asking everyone to continue to stay home where possible and when you go out make sure you social distance.

“Keep 2 metres apart, wear a face covering particularly when indoors or on public transport, and regularly wash your hands with soap and water, or using a hand sanitiser when that’s not available.

“These simple measures are things we can all do that are key in helping to slow the spread.”