Artist impression of new Brogborough HQ for Dawsongroup plc image supplied by Dawsongroup plc

Dawsongroup plc is looking to move to the village

Representatives from Dawsongroup plc gave a presentation to Brogborough Parish Council on Wednesday (4 September 2019) to explain the company’s new plans to build its headquarters in the village.

The Dawson Group is a privately owned group of companies specialising in commercial asset rental. It is currently based in Tongwell, Milton Keynes, but Freya Dawson, Dawsongroup’s property director, told the meeting that “we are now at bursting point“.

The company had put forward a plan earlier this year, but withdrew it after receiving a lot of objections to the scheme.

Group chief executive, Stephen Miller, started the presentation by explaining that as the company understands the leasing business and but not planning, it used outside experts to develop the original plan. He said:

“We were advised to do things in a certain way and we trusted what we were told. So we put a plan application forward in good faith.

“It clearly wasn’t well received.”

Freya added that her father purchased the land back in the 1960s and the group always planned to move to Brogborough when it outgrew its premises in Tongwell. She said:

“We listened to the feedback and we have come back with a different scheme.”

Second presentation to be given in October

The new scheme has reduced the size of main building from over 100,000 square feet to just over 60,000 square feet. It has also reduced the vehicle preparation building to 10,000 square feet.

If approved, the main building will be made out of brick, which the company hopes will be more aesthetically pleasing than a large warehouse.

Steve said that the preparation building (workshops) will be used to prepare vehicles to show clients, or to do light work such as adding vehicle livery.

The space gained from reducing the size of the buildings will be used to create a landscaping bunt and to install acoustic fencing along the boundary with the existing housing.

The Parish Council was told that while there will be some commercial vehicles visiting the site, it is really an administration Centre, with around 200 to 225 people working there, mostly behind a computer screen.

Freya said that if the site is full of vehicles then the company isn’t making any money. She added that other companies, including warehouse owners, have made offers for the land.

The company will be returning to Brogborough in October for another presentation. The date has yet to be set.

Artist impression of new Brogborough HQ for Dawsongroup plc image supplied by Dawsongroup plc