£6.5million paid to support Bedford Borough businesses Image by Olivier Le Moal AdobeStock_168894985

Bedford Borough Council is automatically paying £6.5million to Borough businesses that have had to close during lockdown.

These grants are to support businesses with their premises costs. They are available for businesses that are ratepayers or have other mortgage or rent costs for their business premises and are required to close.

These grants are set and funded by the Government at a national level and administered by the local council.

This funding was sent via bank transfer on Friday (15 January 2021) and is expected to land in businesses bank accounts this week.

Any businesses that have had to close during this lockdown and have received a grant from the Council before do not need to apply for this grant. They will receive their grant automatically through this transfer.

If a business has business premises and has had to close during this lockdown, but has not received a grant from the Council before, they are asked to get in contact via an online form.

Additionally, the Council is providing support to those businesses with business premises costs who have not had to close but have been adversely impacted by the lockdown. For instance if they predominantly supply the leisure or hospitality sector. These businesses are also asked to contact the Council via the form.

These grants are only available to businesses that have business premises costs. Business operated from a person’s home, including garages and outbuildings, are not eligible. The Council said other additional support, such as self-employed income support grants, may be available directly from the Government. Details can be found at www.gov.uk.

Cllr Michael Headley, portfolio holder for Finance, said:

“We are paying £6.5million out to local businesses automatically so that this vital support can reach them as quickly as possible.

“If you run a business that has premises costs and have had to close or been badly impacted by the lockdown but have not received a grant from us before, please get in touch with the Council via a quick and easy online form on the Council’s website.”