Fire prevention advice for businesses from Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

Fire caused by fault in refrigeration trailer

A fire investigation by Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service into the incident in Biggleswade (19 April 2018) has concluded that it started accidentally.

The fire started within the refrigeration unit on the front of the trailer parked next to the main Bedfordshire Growers building. It spread first to the rear of the trailer and then to warehouse building it was parked next to.

In 2016 a serious fire to the Four Winds industrial estate, Clophill, was caused after a caravan parked next to the building caught fire.

Does your building frequently receive deliveries?

Following these incidents Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service are issuing this prevention advice to those managing buildings that frequently receive deliveries.

Group Commander John Foolkes, Business and Commercial Safety Manager, said:

“Those managing warehouses and other distribution centres are urged to ensure that vehicles are not parked adjacent to or close to property as any fires within these could spread to the main buildings.

“Also businesses should not locate refuse bins or any combustibles close to the building. These should be stored some way from any other buildings to avoid the risk of fire spreading from these.

“As a preventative measure businesses should consider fitting an effective sprinkler system to their buildings as in both cases sprinklers would have suppressed a fire and kept damage to a minimum.

“Internally, managers should ensure the premises risk assessment is up to date and communicated to all staff.”

More information

The DCLG (now MHCLG) guide offers good advice (isbn -13:978 1 85112 8167) is available in hardback or free online
For more advice on business safety and undertaking risk assessments visit the Business Fire Safety page at