Seeking Grants for an Association, a Small Business or for Research By Olivier Le Moal AdobeStock_168894985

Home-based and mobile businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic are encouraged to apply for an initial £500 grant.

Eligible businesses can now apply for the grant online via Bedford Borough Council’s (BBC) website

Grants will be awarded to local businesses and home-based and mobile businesses that have fixed business costs and have experienced a significant reduction in income due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The grants form part of the Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG). This is a fixed amount of funding from the Government, intended to provide support to businesses right up until April 2022.

£2million of the ARG will be put towards these grants with the potential for further support for local businesses that qualify for an initial grant where the funding is available.

These grants are not intended to replace income that has been lost due to restrictions or provide income to the business owner. The Government has put in place other forms of support to assist business owners whose personal income has been affected by restrictions.

Rather, the payment is to assist with fixed business costs. A BBC spokesperson said:

“We’ve launched this scheme to make it as easy as possible for small home based or mobile businesses to access this support. This expands on our previous scheme to include businesses such as mobile hairdressers, self-employed trades people, driving instructors and taxi drivers.

“Eligible businesses just need to fill out the online application on the Council’s website where it will be assessed and funding issued to everyone who meets the criteria.”