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New online gallery promoting ‘real’ art to homes and businesses

If you thought art galleries were only built from bricks and mortar, think again. Online art galleries are becoming increasingly popular, and in June, Marston Vale Gallery became the latest to offer its unique art to cyberspace art lovers.

Marston Vale Gallery was set up to expose more people to original art and to get ‘real’ art into people’s homes and workplaces.

Wilma Kingsbury Image: Marston Vale Gallery



The owner, Wilma Kingsbury, said:

“I really feel that original, ‘real’ art does something to your brain. I still own prints, but I enjoy the feeling from looking at something original far more than when I look at one of my prints.”

Others are welcome to join Marston Vale’s two resident artists

Wilma’s interest in art started from the age of five. She even remembers being praised for a tessellating pattern by her teacher. However, for Wilma art was only a classroom activity. When she left school, art became something she once did.

It took a monumental change in her life to get Wilma creative again. Her artist daughter, Victoria, emigrated to New Zealand, and left Wilma of a large collection of artworks to store safely.

While deciding what to do with Victoria’s work, Wilma felt the creative urges from her childhood. So, she joined courses at various art centres in the UK. This included a figurative drawing course at Bedford College. Wilma uses the skills learnt at Bedford for producing bespoke work, including cartoony portraits.

Eventually, as her work built up, she decided to “do a website”.

Marston Vale Gallery currently has two resident artists, Wilma and Victoria. It also encourages ‘visiting’ and emerging artists. The current visiting artist is St Albans based Stephen Richardson.

Image: marston vale gallery

Psychodynamic counselling

Marston Vale Gallery is donating 5% of each sale to psychodynamic counselling (also known as insight-oriented therapy). It focuses on unconscious processes as they are manifested in a person’s present behaviour. It increases a client’s self-awareness and shows how the influence of their past is affecting them today. In addition to the 5%, the Gallery has donated three pieces of art where the full price will be donated to the charity.

Wilma said:

“Not only will you be making your environment more beautiful, interesting and unique, you will be tackling mental health issues across Herts, Beds and Bucks.”

Art is available to buy at There is also the option for business to enhance their working environment by renting some of the unique pieces.

For more information on the real art available, and to discuss a bespoke piece, email