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Share what makes Greensand Country special to you

The Greensand Trust, an independent environmental charity, is working with local communities and landowners to conserve and promote the landscape, wildlife and history of the Greensand Ridge and to improve access, understanding and enjoyment of this fascinating area.

A survey, run by Countryscape on behalf of the Trust, is part of the Trust’s Sense of Place project. The Sense of Place approach was pioneered in England in the early 2000s. It has been used across the country by protected areas and institutions such as National Trust.

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Young holidaymakers urged to “stick with your mates”

The British Embassy Madrid and British Consulate in Palma have launched a new campaign encouraging young British holidaymakers to “stick with your mates”, as part of a FCO global campaign on youth safety. The communications campaign is part of a wider effort to work with local authorities, charities like Street Angels and 24/7, and influencers to encourage young tourists to look out for each other.

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Be Dog Smart Week

Dogs bring so much joy into people’s lives but unfortunately, we can’t teach dogs to understand when and why a child might act in a certain way towards them, but we can teach children how to care for their dogs and behave responsibly around them. At Dogs Trust, we believe educating children, parents, carers, teachers and dog owners about dog safety, is the first step to preventing bite-related incidents.

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