Government Pothole fund increased by £100 million

Local roads badly affected by recent winter weather will benefit from a further £100 million to help repair any potholes and other storm damage, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling MP announced today (26 March 2018).

This money will help repair almost 2 million potholes as well as help protect the roads from any future severe weather.

This is on top of the £75 million in government funding already given to councils from the Pothole Action Fund this year, as well as the additional £46 million boost for highways authorities announced just before Christmas.

Around 7 million potholes will be filled due to this money, announced in the 2016 Budget.

Central Bedfordshire Council to receive an extra £495,565

A council spokesperson said:

“Obviously it is money that the council welcomes but as the announcement was only made today, it’s a bit too early to say exactly how and where the money will be used.

“Our highways department will look at reports from the area teams and feedback from the reporting portal before making any decision.”


Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, MP, said:

“We have seen an unusually prolonged spell of freezing weather which has caused damage to our local roads.

“We are giving councils even more funding to help repair their roads so all road users can enjoy their journeys without having to dodge potholes.”