Allotments are coming to Cranfield

A new housing development in Cranfield will include allotments for the locals. Homebuilder Bloor Homes will create 18 plots within its Cranfield Park development.

A spokesperson for Bloor Homes said:

“Bloor Homes is committed to building not just homes, but communities.

“We believe that allotments are an important part of any community, fostering a real sense of pride within the local area.”

Allotments are coming to Cranfield

Parking will be provided

The 50 square metre plots will be in the south-eastern corner of the new development. There will also be a cycle shelter for 10 bikes, six car parking spaces and water connection points.

A hand-over date has not been set, this will be in the next two years or so. No decisions have been made on the running of the site.

Ian Reed, Parish Clerk, said:

“At the moment the Parish Council does not have any allotments in its control and there has been no formal discussions over ownership and how the allotments would be run and organised.

“When these issues have been discussed the Parish Council will provide parishioners with information on allotment provision and management etc.”

One possibility is the formation of an allotment association. Independent of the Parish Council it would assign the plots and manage the site.


Waiting list

The Parish Council started a list of those interested in renting an allotment in 2009. To add your name to the list please contact the Parish Clerk at

The Parish Council will keep residents up-to-date at its regular meetings and through its Facebook page.