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SAMAD Aerospace, a green technology start-up based in Cranfield, has started the certification process of its Starling Cargo aircraft.

The company said the aircraft has a cruising speed of 95mph, a flight ceiling of 10,000 feet and a range of up to 135 miles. Adding that the electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft will enable flexible point to point air cargo of up to 50 kg payload.

The Starling Cargo aircraft will be remotely piloted with auto pilot capability.

Dr. Seyed Mohseni, ceo of SAMAD Aerospace, said:

“Our fully electric VTOL Starling Cargo aircraft will change the future of transportation reducing emissions and carbon footprint of air cargo.”

The SAMAD Aerospace team said it has seen interest in its Starling Cargo aircraft from a number of industry sectors that need to transit high value cargo.

Including oil and gas corporations, gemstone mining companies, medical logistics and emergency response companies.

The Starling Cargo aircraft can be utilised for delivering humanitarian critical cargo of desperately needed food, medicine and equipment to often remote regions of the world with underdeveloped or damaged local infrastructure.

The company is opening its next round of fund raising to start certification program of its aircraft.