The Travelling Fox Twins

Cranfield business owner Roberto Di Nuzzo has started a crowd funder for a new children’s book, The Travelling Fox Twins.

The book tells the story of Olive and Oakley’s summer adventure, where the twin foxes explore and enjoy the amazing world around them.

The Travelling Fox Twins was conceived as an idea to boost awareness about UK travel destinations amongst early age kids.

The funds raised will support the creation of an e-commerce shop for the book, and anything above and beyond the target goal will go towards increasing the number of books and additional products.

Work started on the book in June, and Roberto said that feedback on illustrations, script and overall quality of the book has been “amazing”.

He said:

“The very few people that knew about it have expressed high interest to get hold of the first limited hardcover edition.

“We are confident we will reach the humble target set-up, to give some exposure to this story and generate traction to expand into more similar themed products.

“We care about it as it represents what the world should be: art, fun, adventures, travel and friendship and love amongst all animals.”

The book’s illustrator is Sophie who also creates nostalgic, delicate and fun illustrations fit for children’s books, patterns and greeting cards.

The Author is Chloe, a Gen Z mother raising a sensory smart child alone. Before becoming a parent, Chloe worked as an Admin Assistant in the Conveyancing department of a Solicitors firm.

The artistic coordinator is Elisa, an Italian actress, writer and director, and a graduate from the Theatre and Drama at Birkbeck University, London.

More information on the crowd funder, including how to donate, can be found here.

Funders can opt for a reward, which is a limited first edition, but they must pledge by 9 December 2021 to get the book before Christmas.