Cranfield Surgery

Unedited minutes supplied by Cranfield Parish Council

Held on 22nd January 2019 at 4.30pm at The Warrens, Court Road, Cranfield.

Members of the Parish Council present: Mrs D Ball (Chair), Mr R Baker, Mr A Bastable, Mrs S Clark, Mr P Meadows, Mr D Saint.

Members of the Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group present: Mr R McCormack and Ms N Wadely

In attendance: Miss Lyn Davis, Clerk

Mrs Ball welcomed Mr McCormak and Ms Wadely and opened the meeting by outlining the areas that she wanted to focus on during this meeting:

  • The problem residents are facing and how this is manifesting itself
  • Stopping the Chinese whispers that are coming about due to lack of information
  • Understanding the implications of the deregistered surgery
  • Understanding the future of healthcare across Cranfield

Mrs Ball went on to describe how patients, including the elderly, are standing outside the surgery at 7am to try and get appointments, how appointments available at 1pm are limited and hard to get and that 6 week waits for appointments are not unusual. There is also concern that due to inadequate bus services Cranfield residents cannot easily travel to Marston Moretaine surgery if they are not car users and furthermore students from the University who are frequently not car users are struggling to access the services.

Ms Wadely assured those present that the BCCG are interested in resolving the issues and they do understand that using the Marston surgery is difficult, they also acknowledged that a healthcare facility in Cranfield is needed.

Current Services

Ms Wadely explained that services at Cranfield and Marston Moretaine are provided under a contract with Aspiro and acknowledged the issues raised and agreed that the current service is clearly not right and needs to be addressed.

Aspiro should have been consulting with Cranfield patients however this has not happened, despite them being asked to do so by the BCCG. They should also be making it clear to patients that appointments are available at both Marston surgery and Flitwick surgery and offering these as an alternative where appointments are not available in Cranfield. It is apparent that this is not happening, and this information is not available in the surgery or on their website.

Ms Wadely committed to address the current delivery of services with Aspiro, writing to them this week regarding the issues raised and their failure to consult on changes to the services. Aspiro will be asked to contact the Parish Council and the Patient Participating Group regarding the consultation. They will also be asked to make it clear to patients that services can be accessed through Marston surgery and Flitwick, the Cranfield surgery already has access to see and offer these alternative appointments for patients.

Ms Wadely advised that Aspiro are contractually bound to provide healthcare services for Cranfield and failure to provide these services will be a breach of their contract.

Future Services

There are currently two options being explored for the future of healthcare provision in Cranfield. The proposal is that any future facilities should offer more than GP services, with the wider health and social care team working alongside GPs, depending on the space available.

The first option is the land at Flitt Leys which is owned by NHS England. The land provides a large footprint for a health facility. It has not been possible to move forward with this facility due to lack of capital funding as this is centrally controlled by the NHS and therefore this facility is competing for funding with the national programme.

The second option is land off Mill Road Phase 2, which although a smaller space, does have the capital available through the developer, Gladman, under a s106 agreement which provides that a fully working health care building be delivered before properties are occupied. The concern with this site is whether the footprint is large enough to deliver the range of services required.

Both sites and various options are being considered for the longer-term healthcare provision in Cranfield which must meet the health and social care needs into the future.

NHS land in Flitt Leys

Next Steps

The BCCG commit to better ongoing communication with residents and will use the Parish Council as a way of sharing information about the progress of both future services and steps to resolve current issues, this will hopefully prevent rumours. The BCCG have also agreed in principle to an open meeting when there are firm suggestions on the table

The BCCG will contact Aspiro and work with them to improve current services and try and prevent the queuing outside the surgery in the mornings.

Update following the meeting on 22/1/19

CCG to contact practice about the concerns raised and follow up on the consultation by the practice regarding the change in hours

BCCG is due to have a response from the practice on 13th February to a letter sent by NHS England prior to the meeting, once it has considered the practice response BCCG will update you on next steps planned in connection to the consultation on the opening hours for the surgery at Cranfield.

Practice CQC registration to be reviewed

BCCG is in touch with its CQC inspector about the registration of the Cranfield site.

Update on premises developments

Further discussions on this opportunity on the Gladmans development between CCG and CBC are being considered this week.