Is a new Cranfield GP surgery a step closer? Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

At the recent Cranfield Parish Council meeting (21 October 2020), ward councillor Sue Clark announced that Bloor Homes is intending to submit an application for a new surgery building in Cranfield, to be built at the Mill Road Phase 2 Site.

Cllr Clark said that this application could be made before Christmas, adding that she understands that it will be a fully functioning surgery.

Discussions for the building started around two years ago, with the Clinical Commissioning Group listing requirements such as how large the building should be, the number of consultation rooms and how much parking would be needed. Cllr Clark said:

“I don’t quite know what has happened in the last year or so but I think we are now reaching the point where we are going to see a planning application.”

The application will come with some enabling development conditions. Cllr Clark suggested that this could be an additional nine new homes.

A spokesperson for Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) said:

“An opportunity has arisen for a new purpose built surgery as part of a development in Cranfield. The CCG are working with the Council and developer to explore the feasibility of this proposal.

“Due to the early stage of the process, there is not yet formal agreement from all parties for this scheme. Therefore there is no fixed delivery date at this stage.

“Should the scheme receive initial approval in principle from all parties, an engagement plan with local residents will be implemented to help local people understand the plans and timescales for delivery.”

When approached on Friday (23 October 2020), Bloor Homes said that it has no comment to make at this time.