Plan:MK has been found 'sound' by planning inspector Image:Milton Keynes Council

The plan roadmaps the next chapter in MK’s growth

Milton Keynes Council’s local plan setting out how the borough will grow until 2031, has been found ‘sound’ by a government Inspector.

Plan:MK shows how MK will grow over the next few years and is how the council determines how many homes and jobs, and what kind of infrastructure is needed to 2031.

By then, the population of MK is expected to rise to more than 300,000. Plan:MK calls for 31,000 new homes to meet this demand. Almost 20,000 are already in the planning pipeline.

Council Leader Cllr Pete Marland said:

“Planning for the future is essential to get the right balance of housing and other development.

We want everyone in MK to have a good home at a price they can afford, a decent job and a long and healthy life.

“Our thanks go to everyone who gave their feedback as the plan was developed. You’ve helped shape how Milton Keynes will develop and thrive.”

MK could be moving closer to Cranfield

Plan:MK allocated land to the east of the M1 motorway for a mixed residential and employment strategic urban extension.

The Schedule of Main Modifications for the plan says “that realising the full potential of this area would require cross-boundary agreement with Central Bedfordshire Council and further improvements to connectivity between any future allocations east of the M1 and the existing city.” [sic]

Campaigners against Central Bedfordshire Council’s (CBC) proposed Local Plan have suggested that CBC should be taking advantage of the planned growth in this area. 

Next month MK Council’s Cabinet will receive a recommendation to adopt Plan:MK as part of MK’s formal Development Plan. This will shape the outcome of future planning applications.