Masterplan for the new Cranfield development Image: Richborough Estates

Plans for up to 180 new homes off Braeburn Way

Richborough Estates has submitted its planning application for new homes in Cranfield following what it called an “extensive” consultation with stakeholders and the local community.

In a statement on the Richborough Estates website, regional director Marc Wilson, said:

“With its convenient location, landscape-led design and rural setting, this will make a great place to live for people at all stages of life.

“Our expert team has carefully designed the scheme to enhance the character of Cranfield while ensuring it will leave a lasting legacy. It will also help deliver much needed new homes for the area.

“We’re delighted to have submitted our planning application following extensive consultation with stakeholders and the local community.”

The Chronicle asked for a definition of an “extensive consultation”. A planning agent from RPS Planning Consultancy, who are working with Richborough on the project, said:

“Although there is no formal need for consultation with the public prior to submission, we have sought to involve both local residents and elected members in the development process, by means that we consider appropriate given current limitations surrounding restrictions in movement.

“Although Richborough are usually undertake consultation methods including workshops/public meetings, it was not safe to do so at the time, and instead, a website was made available and a postal drop was undertaken, including freepost response forms.

“With over 150 responses, we consider that this reached a strong local base, though I would also point out that the Council will themselves also host responses to the scheme through the application process.”

Public consultation is open until 30 October

The development will comprise up to 180 homes in a choice of house types. The application does not break these down in the number of bedrooms. But it proposes that 117 will be market housing, 45 will be social, affordable or intermediate rent and 18 will be affordable home ownership.

Richborough Estates says that the development will be a “great place to live for people at all stages of life”. However, some of the houses will experience a noise level of 60dBAeq,16hr (some may be in the 63dBAeq,16hr contour) when the planned Cranfield Airport expansion reaches its 2025 phase.

The Aviation Policy Framework states that it will continue to treat the 57dBAeq,16hr contour as the average level of daytime aircraft noise marking the approximate onset of significant community annoyance.

As the homes will be above the “approximate onset of significant community annoyance” when it comes to aircraft noise, how does this make the site “a great place to live”?

The spokesperson said:

“A detailed and extensive noise assessment has been prepared to support the application which has been produced in consultation with the airport and the local environmental health officer.

“The requirement of noise guidance is to protect external and internal amenity and in respect of the proposed houses external amenity can be defined as the rear garden.

“Noise levels without mitigation across the site will be higher than the Aviation Policy Framework, however the proposed development has been designed carefully to ensure requisite noise levels which meet the aviation policy can be achieved within external residential amenity areas.

“No area will exceed the 57dB requirement. In addition internal noise standards can also be achieved with innovative internal design along the northern boundary and suitable window and ventilation specifications across the wider scheme.”

The 27-acre scheme will also have green open spaces with a children’s play area, as well as paths for walkers and cyclists. The Public Right of Way running through the site will be “improved”.

If approved, the new estate would be accessed from Eight Acres, off Braeburn Way (Willow Green).

Details of Planning Application (CB/20/03342/OUT) can be found on Central Bedfordshire Council’s planning portal. A public consultation is running until 30 October and the target date for a decision is 29 December 2020.



Land north of Braeburn Way Cranfield, the planned site for 180 new homes