T17577005 A - Proposed Egress Road 11.02.21 Use of image granted by RPS Consulting Services

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One way road joining Harcourt to High Street

Richborough Estates Ltd and its agent, RPS Consulting Services, have submitted a planning application to Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC).

These are the companies that have appealed CBC’s decision not to grant planning permission for 180 new homes on land between Braeburn Way and Cranfield Airport.

This new planning application, CB/21/00585/FULL, is to provide a full vehicular one-way egress road between the southern end of Harcourt and High Street, along with pedestrian access via a new footway alongside the carriageway

This is a revision to the previous proposal, which was to provide an emergency access between Harcourt and High Street.

The proposal includes double yellow lines on the junction with the High Street and which will extend in front of 161C and 163 High Street. The application does not address the access to the rear of 163, which will open onto the new road.

The consultation period for this application currently expires on 9 April 2021.

A spokesperson from RPS Consulting Services [added 08:20 12/3/2021] said:

“Richborough Estates has submitted to Central Bedfordshire Council an application for the egress of vehicles from Harcourt to Main Road, Cranfield. It should be noted that these proposals are intended to be read in conjunction with the proposed scheme at Braeburn Way, and not in isolation.

“The proposed access would be expected to serve vehicular movements arising from this development, as an alternative way of exiting from Braeburn Way/Flitt Leys close. The application is expected to be determined within the statutory eight week period.”

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