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Jet Zero Council competition for a more sustainable aviation future

Cranfield University’s Director of Aerospace and Jet Zero Council member, Professor Iain Gray has welcomed the positive progress that the Council is making towards a more sustainable aerospace and aviation industry.

The Green Fuel, Green Skies competition, which is part of the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan, will support UK companies as they pioneer new technologies to convert household rubbish, waste wood and excess electricity into sustainable aviation fuel.

Professor Iain Gray, said:

“The Jet Zero Council is making positive progress towards sustainable aviation and we are delighted to be adding the voice of academia to these important discussions.”

Offering emissions savings of more than 70% compared to conventional jet fuel, these projects will help put flying onto a more sustainable path while helping to create up to 11,500 jobs over the coming decades.

Companies will be able to bid for a share of £15 million to kickstart the development of first-of-a-kind production plants in the UK to produce these fuels at scale.

This comes as the government’s second Jet Zero Council meeting is attended by new ceo Emma Gilthorpe, chief operating officer at Heathrow Airport.

Joining the distinguished roster of industry and environmental experts, new additions from the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will bring a breadth of knowledge and experience to the council, energising the charge to reduce emissions and deliver clean growth in the sector.

Professor Iain Gray said:

“I’m pleased to see the RAF being included in the Council’s work. As we know at Cranfield given our links with both sectors, the space between civilian and military aerospace engineering is a blurred one and there is much to gain from increased collaboration between the two.

“We also welcome the appointment of Emma Gilthorpe as the Council’s ceo and all of us at Cranfield will continue to support Emma and her team to drive this vital agenda forward.”