Professor Phil Hart, Director of Energy and Power at Cranfield University Image Cranfield University

A series of scholarships worth £10,500 each

Cranfield University has announced a series of scholarships to help boost the UK’s skill base as the nation looks to achieve a government target of ‘net-zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The scholarships, worth £10,500 each, are available across the whole of the University’s Energy and Power master’s portfolio.

The announcement comes during the University’s annual ‘Green Week’ celebration. ‘Green Week’ highlights the environmental achievements that the University has made in reducing its carbon footprint. It also showcases to staff and students how they can help reduce further their impact on the environment.

The University is aiming to reduce its carbon emissions, by 50% by 2020, from its 2005 levels.

Professor Phil Hart, director of Energy and Power at Cranfield University, said:

“For the UK to hit its target of ‘net-zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, we are going to have to significantly boost the UK’s skill base in areas such as renewables, carbon capture and energy supply.

“As well as the steps we are taking to reduce our own carbon footprint, these scholarships are an important part of our contribution to helping the UK achieve ‘net-zero’ by 2050, by supporting some of the UK’s next generation of leading engineers and energy entrepreneurs.”

Early applications are advised for the ‘net-zero’ scholarships. Further details of the scheme are available here