Cranfield Uni's Jack Stockford at Brooksward Primary School Image: Cranfield University

Children taught about flight by using Newton’s three laws of motion

Before half-term, Jack Stockford, lecturer in aircraft design, visited Brooksward Primary School in Milton Keynes as part of its STEM week.

STEM stands for the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

During the visit Jack used Newton’s three laws of motion, particularly the law of equal and opposite reaction, to explain how aircraft wings are made and how they make the plane fly.

The children then took part in an experiment, designing and flying their very own aircraft wings.

Following his visit, Jack has challenged the students to undertake an ‘amazing aeroplanes’ project over the May half-term. With options ranging from designing the passenger plane of the future, to writing a story or a poem about an aeroplane journey. Jack Stockford said:

“It was fantastic to visit the school and share my passion for aircraft design with the children. The students asked some great questions and we were really impressed with how enthusiastic they were during the experiment.

“I’m very much looking forward to seeing what they come up with for their ‘amazing aeroplanes’ projects.”

The aim of the visit was to inspire the future generation to get into STEM, while showcasing the type of exciting research that happens at Cranfield University.

Abby McStraw, Head of School at Brooksward, said:

“The children were all fully engaged throughout their sessions which helped them to not only develop their scientific understanding, but also satisfy their awe and wonder.

“They left feeling inspired to discover more for themselves and many spoke of how they might like a job in a STEM area themselves when they leave school.”

Cranfield University and  Brooksward Primary School Image: Cranfield University