One month left to apply for Bedfordshire PCC’s 2021-22 Grant Fund Image By Olivier Le Moal AdobeStock_168894985

Fund to support offenders with alcohol and drug dependency and early diversion schemes to keep children out of gangs

There is less than one month left for projects to apply for a share of Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner‘s (PCC) 2021-22 Grant Fund.

Commissioner Kathryn Holloway‘s fund is designed to help pay for projects in the area of offender management. Specifically supporting the removal of drug and alcohol dependency and for Early Intervention programmes which will support the work of the Violence and Exploitation Reduction Unit (VERU).

Commissioner Holloway, announced her Grant Fund on 7 October 2020. There is approximately £170,000 to support innovative and collaborative working across Bedfordshire to help support victims and improve community safety.

Following the Commissioner’s announcement that she will be stepping down from her role at the next election, £300,000 has been left for her successor to run their own funding process when they are elected into office in May 2021. PCC Holloway said:

“Helping to stop the revolving door back to prison by focussing on the addictions that drive prolific crime like burglary, street robbery and vehicle theft to get cash for their addiction is a priority for me during the 2021-22 grant process.

“I am also wishing to invest in projects which will build on the successful interventions that have been driving down serious youth violence in this county by 9% in the year to March 2020.

“I have found myself in circumstances where the election of a new PCC was delayed for a year. As a result, I have to deliver business as usual and support key partners and charities to help victims of crime and improve community safety through my normal commissioning process, but I was determined not to restrict my successor to my programme of commissions for what would be one third of his or her term (as the delayed election means the next PCC will serve for three years not five like me).

“As a result, I am setting aside a sizeable amount for them to distribute after coming into office.”

The 2021-22 Grant Fund will be open to applications for one more month and will require applicants to focus on one of the following areas:-

Individual bids need to be no more than £15,000 so that eight new programmes can be commissioned covering Bedfordshire as a whole.

Details on how to apply for the Commissioning Fund can be found on the Commissioner’s website.

Applications close on Friday 27 November 2020 at 4pm. If applicants have any questions, please email