Increased police patrols following New Zealand shootings

Extra patrols have been put on close to mosques as reassurance

Additional Bedfordshire Police officers will be patrolling areas to speak to community members after the incident which left more than 49 dead. Chief Constable Jon Boutcher will also be visiting mosques to give condolences and offer support.

Chief Constable Jon Boutcher Image: Bedfordshire Police

Mr Boutcher said:

“What happened in New Zealand was truly unimaginable, particularly in a country which is considered safe from such inhuman behaviour.

“Hatred and division because of difference leads to unthinkable consequences. When will people realise that our differences are our strengths?

“We have flown the force flag at half-mast this afternoon during afternoon prayers to express condolences for the victims and their families. I will be visiting mosques in Luton to pay my respects and walking around Bury Park to reassure friends.

“Our thoughts are with everyone in New Zealand.”

Places of worship can utilise the online training package ‘ACT Awareness eLearning’ for advice on Protective Security and how to react should the worst happen. It can be found here. People are also encouraged to be aware of the Run, Hide, Tell advice.

Anyone with concerns about someone becoming radicalised can get advice and support through the PREVENT programme at