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Force is searching for 156 new officers

Bedfordshire Police is currently running a recruitment process for additional and replacement officers. Following a national uplift of Government funding, the force is recruiting for 36 new officers in 2020-21.

This is in additional to the 20 new officer posts promised by the Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner. These posts are funded by an increase in the police share of council tax.

As well as looking for new officers to boost its front line, Bedfordshire Police needs to replace those leaving and retiring. This is approximately 100 officers each year, meaning there are 156 positions to fill in total. The force said that this is its largest recruitment drive for ten years.

Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Kathryn Holloway, said:

“We’re looking for individuals who value honesty, integrity and respect as well as those who demonstrate leadership, objectiveness and selflessness to represent all Bedfordshire’s communities and become a police officer.”

“This county has a rich diversity of ethnicities and cultures and more than 140 languages are spoken here. We’re looking for representatives of each and every one of those communities as part of our recruitment drive and have the proud distinction of being third for BAME diversity in the country after the vast Metropolitan Police and West Midlands Police following their own efforts to also attract a more representative workforce.”

Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police, Garry Forsyth, said:

“At Bedfordshire Police we can proudly say we can offer you endless opportunities, I have gone from the classic bobby on the beat and worked my way up to Chief Constable.

“By joining us, you can carve a career that you will be proud of and we will support you and your ambitions throughout your time with us.”

Bedfordshire Police is currently recruiting for Police Constables and Police Community Support Officers. To learn more about a career in policing and to apply, visit Bedfordshire Police Careers.