street watch with officer Image Bedfordshire Police

Force highlights volunteers to mark national Volunteers’ Week

Bedfordshire Police said that it volunteers increase reassurance for residents across the county, as well as providing operational support to frontline teams.

During this uncertain time, the force said that it has seen a huge increase in support and is extending its thanks to each person who has helped during the pandemic.

As part of Volunteers’ Week, the Force is highlighting the work carried out by volunteers in the Specials, Street Watch, Speed Watch and in the Cadets.

The Special Constabulary is made up of people volunteering their time to contribute to the safety of the county. They have the same uniform and same powers as warranted police officers, have contributed 2,277 hours for COVID-19 patrols alone.

Street Watch

Over the past year the force’s watch schemes have also seen great results to celebrate. Street Watch teams volunteered 426 hours during November 2019 to aid police patrols during Remembrance Sunday and multiple Christmas light switch on events.

The Street Watch schemes have proved to be a great resource for the force and as such a new group in Silsoe was launched at the beginning of 2020.

In 2019, the Speed Watch teams sent a total of 4,800 letters to speeding motorists in hot spot areas. This, the Force claims, not only helps to deter speeding and keep communities safe, but it could also lead to penalties and fines for repeat offenders.

Police Cadets

The force’s younger volunteers, Cadets, supported the force by providing additional numbers at various events across Bedfordshire. Including remembrance Sunday parades, community engagement and force open days . They also help the force engage with the younger generation.

Wendy Bird, Citizens in Policing Unit manager, said:

“The dedication and passion of our volunteers who generously give up their time to make a difference to the local community is fantastic and we thank each and every person for their enthusiasm and dedication. Volunteers play a huge part in policing, we can’t thank them enough and it’s great to see the force getting behind National Volunteers Week.

“Our volunteers are able to support the force in multiple ways whether it’s helping in back office functions, monitoring speeding vehicles and carrying out reassurance patrols, working alongside regular officers and assisting at community events. It all helps the force better protect the citizens of Bedfordshire.

“If you want to give back to the community, help the force and gain some new skills and meet people along the way, volunteer with us!”

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 Bedfordshire Police has put a pause on some of its volunteering schemes to follow government guidance. However if you would like to get involved or find out more visit