Italy v England Image By Sasha Strekoza AdobeStock_443840957

Thousands of people across Bedfordshire enjoyed the England v Italy Euro 2020 final yesterday evening (Sunday 12 July 2021).

Bedfordshire Police said last night’s match was largely enjoyed in the right spirit, with only a handful of incidents requiring police action across the county.

Three arrests were made in relation to the football in the north of the county; two for drunk and disorderly and one for possessing an offensive weapon.

Around 100 officers were involved in the policing operation across Bedfordshire, with an estimated 2,500 people celebrating the game in Bedford town centre and along the Embankment.

Around 500 to 600 people were out and about in towns in the south of the county.

Chief Inspector Mark Farrant, who oversaw the police operation in Bedfordshire, said:

“I’d like to say thank you to both our national and multinational fans in Bedfordshire – the response from them during the tournament has been excellent, with supporters getting behind their teams, but not overdoing it.

“We expected last night to be a busy night for the force but we are very pleased that the evening passed off relatively peacefully and the final was enjoyed by both sides in the right way.” 

Annamaria Vecchio from Bedford told the Force:

“I would like to take a moment to say a very big thank you for the amazing job your officers did last night – we felt everyone involved was professional, kind and safeguarded everyone impeccably. Lots of families felt confident enough to bring their children to the festivities and saw not one ounce of trouble. Thank you for allowing us to celebrate in our loud and proud way!”