Bedfordshire Police is warning of a lottery scam that has conned victims out of £5,000

This scam aims to trick people out of vast sums of money and high-value jewellery. A person claiming to be an illegal immigrant has approached people in Hertfordshire.

The offender says that they have won the lottery, but due to their status they are unable to claim their prize.

For a cut of the prize money, the victim is asked to claim it on their behalf. The offender then asks for a deposit from the victim, in the form of cash or high-value jewellery, to secure the deal.


Five reports in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire Constabulary has had five reports so far, with some victims losing up to £5,000.

Sergeant Ben Dimmock from Bedfordshire Police’s Crime Reduction team said:

“Our colleagues at Hertfordshire Constabulary are currently investigating a number of incidents, and have told us they haven’t seen this method used before in the county.

“We want to ensure our residents are aware of the scam.”

There may also be an accomplice who poses as a member of the public. They claim to be keen to take up the offer.


“If you are approached in similar circumstances, please don’t hand over any cash or belongings and contact police straight away.”

The police can be contacted by calling 101.

Anonymous reports can be made by contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111