“It’s just a burglary – isn’t it?” – 24 Hours in Police Custody Image: Bedfordshire Police

The case of ‘the detective and the surgeon’

The latest episode in the current series of 24 Hours in Police Custody airs tonight (8 April 2019) featuring the case of “The detective and the surgeon” and involves a million pound fraud case that began with a phone call to report a burglary.

In April 2015, a man reported the theft of items from his home in the grounds of a country estate, just outside Luton. He wouldn’t permit officers to visit the scene of the crime, despite the loss of valuable antiques, including a unique French red marble fireplace.

The detective assigned to the case quickly realised that this wasn’t a simple case of housebreaking, and was able to call upon his own knowledge of the antiques world to probe further.

The case eventually took four years to reach court, and included partnership working with the Irish Garda.

Detective Constable Dave Brecknock, said:

“If you commit crime for your financial gain then you will naturally leave some kind of evidential trail behind you, and this case proves just how determined and thorough we will be in the pursuit of justice.”

The show will air on Channel 4 at 9pm.