Juliet Wright awarded community award Image Bedfordshire Police

Juliet Wright, Bedfordshire Police Watch Scheme Co-ordinator, has been presented with a community award from Shefford Town Council for her dedication and exceptional support in managing the thriving Street Watch scheme in the town.

Superintendent Jaki Whittred, attended the Shefford Annual Town Council meeting, and said:

“It was lovely to see so many members of the local community approach Juliet to say hi and congratulate her on her award. It was so apparent that she is well known within the town.

“The Community Policing team are proud of Juliet’s achievements and this award is a wonderful recognition of her persistent hard work.”

There are 700 volunteers that have joined the various Watch Scheme groups in Bedfordshire. Juliet Wright works with them all and organises training and group sessions to ensure the members are confident in how they can help their community.

The Street, Dog and Horse Watch schemes involve local residents patrolling areas where there has been low level crime reported, anti-social behaviour and suspicious activity in the area.

This high visibility presence is to act as a deterrent to those who are involved in crime and anti-social behaviour and also provides reassurance to local residents.

The volunteers engage positively with members in the community and assist Bedfordshire Police by promoting effective communication and the prompt reporting of any suspicious activity or crime.

Juliet said:

“It’s a real pleasure to work with people who are so committed to helping their local community and who volunteer in their spare time to make it happen.

“I’m really proud to be a part of something that brings neighbours, communities and the local policing teams together to make Bedfordshire a better place for all.”

The other scheme that Juliet runs is Speed Watch. Volunteers carry out activity at roadsides across the county where speeding has been reported by local residents.

The scheme focuses on education and awareness rather than enforcement in which Speed Indication Devices are used at the side of the road to highlight to the motorist the speed they are travelling at.

Those exceeding the speed limit are sent an advisory letter. Repeat offenders will receive more targeted action from the local policing teams.

Juliet hasn’t slowed down her drive for promoting and increasing the spread of the Watch Scheme groups. On Saturday 29 May the force launched a new Street Watch group in Blunham and will be launching two new Dog Watch groups in Marston Moretaine and Dunstable in June.

If you would like to get involved in any of the groups please feel free to attend one of Bedfordshire Police’s upcoming launches to meet some of its volunteers or contact the force for more information by emailing WatchSchemes@bedfordshire.pnn.police.uk.

There is no cost involved to join the schemes. Volunteers are insured and provided with identification cards and the necessary equipment to carry out the patrols.