Crime prevention advice following bike robberies Image: Paolese AdobeStock_195987909

Crime prevention advice following a series of robberies where bicycles have been stolen

Parents in Leighton Buzzard are being asked to remind their children of crime prevention advice. This follows a series of robberies in the town where bicycles have been stolen.

Over the last month, the Community Policing Team has seen an increase in robberies from teenagers who have had their bikes stolen.

Offender descriptions vary, but they are predominantly described as white and in their mid-teens. They tend to be in small groups of three or four.

Enquiries are ongoing to find the people responsible.

Sergeant Liam Mitchell, from the Leighton Buzzard Community Policing Team, said:

“We don’t want to cause alarm as this type of offending remains rare, but it is important that people are aware of the increase and remain vigilant.

“Whilst there have thankfully only been a small number of these offences, they are a concern and in response we have increased dedicated patrols in the area.”

The force is asking parents and teenagers to be aware of the following advice, which may reduce the risk of being targeted:

  • Be aware of your surroundings and who is around. Don’t be distracted by items such as mobile phones (which in themselves may make you a more attractive target to thieves)
  • If possible, stay with friends when out and about
  • Stick to busy areas; avoiding short cuts and dark, secluded places
  • Most importantly: don’t risk your personal safety if threatened with violence. Property can be replaced, but you can’t

Photographing and marking or engraving valuable property may help in its recovery if stolen.

Sergeant Mitchell continued:

“We would also ask people in the area to report any suspicious activity. It’s important that we are able to build a picture of activity in the area, which will help us tackle it.”

Report information by calling 101 or by visiting In an emergency, dial 999.