Hare coursing reported at Millbrook Image By NickVorobey.com AdobeStock_130648899.jpeg

Bedfordshire Police received a report of suspicious behaviour, possibly hare coursing, on Friday 20 November, at just after 1pm.

A silver hatchback car was seen in fields at Millbrook along with five people and some dogs. Officers attended the scene, but could not locate either the dogs, or any vehicles.

If anyone has seen anything suspicious, please do get in touch via the Force’s online reporting centre, quoting reference 196 of 20 November.

Hare coursing has been banned in the United Kingdom under the Hunting Act since 2004 and can cause immense financial loss to farmers because of criminal damage to the property or the crops, or loss of livestock.

Legal consequences of hare coursing include a fine, criminal behaviour order or a restraining order, as well as the dog or vehicle being seized.

If you believe hare coursing is taking place in your area, report it online or by calling 101. If the crime is still in progress, call 999.