Two Bedfordshire Police officers pledge to shave their hair for charity PC Sharon Cummings (left) and PC Kerry Jones (right) Image: Bedfordshire Police

Officers looking to raise £10,000 to help pay for clinical trial

Two Bedfordshire Police officers have committed to shaving their hair if they raise £10,000 for a girl suffering from cancer.

PC Kerry Jones and PC Sharon Cummings were moved by five-year-old Lulu De Vries’ story. They have promised to shave their locks if they manage to get her fundraising appeal a little bit closer to £162,000 that the family desperately need to take their little girl to America for treatment in clinical trial.

PC Kerry Jones said:

“I was absolutely moved by Lulu’s strength and bravery when I visited her and her family in Great Denham. I will gladly shave my hair off if I manage to get her a little bit closer to her goal.

“I became a police officer to help people and this doesn’t always mean to catch and lock up criminals. Sometimes it means to stand together with our communities to support people in need.”

PC Sharon Cummings added:

“This is such a great cause and we hope our commitment will pay off and Lulu will be able to go to New York for her much needed treatment.

“Every little helps and it’s lovely to see the community come together to help Lulu and her family.”

The officers have a deadline of 30 June to reach their target so if you wish to donate and support this cause visit their Just Giving page.