Street Watch volunteers rack up almost 600 hours during patrols By iQoncept AdobeStock_162456357

Volunteers accumulated 558 hours since April

Street Watch volunteers across Bedfordshire clocked up almost 600 hours in patrol time over the past three months. This is equal to patrolling 24 hours a day for 24 days.

The volunteers have accumulated 558 hours since April, carrying out patrols in pairs, or groups, across the county.

Bedfordshire Police currently has 15 Street Watch groups made up of 150 volunteers. They patrol their own streets, provide visible reassurance to their communities and work closely with the force, reporting issues and information back to officers.

In the three months since April, volunteers reported 11 incidents that they came across. These included drug dealing, dumped hazardous waste, and a vulnerable male to name but a few.

They also reported numerous pieces of information back to the Force, helping officers build a picture of any issues in different areas.

Juliet Wright, who oversees the Bedfordshire Police’s Street Watch Schemes, said:

“Our Street Watch volunteers are some of the most dedicated and motivated people I have met, who all want to make a difference in the communities where they live. The amount of hours they have accrued in three months is admirable, and I’m sure their communities also appreciate their efforts.

“Our volunteers in Community Watch Schemes are not a replacement for police officers, but work closely with us, sharing information and encouraging partnership working. The 11 information reports we have received from them help our local community policing teams to be aware of issues in different areas.”

As well as patrolling, 16 volunteers also visited the Force Contact Centre, spending time with experienced staff to learn how 999 and 101 calls are processed.

Bedfordshire also has Neighbourhood Watch and Speed Watch schemes running in the county. Email to find out more about joining your local scheme.