Advice from University of Bedfordshire if you didn't get the A level grades you hoped for Image: chrisdorney AdobeStock_224547935

One student’s experience of Clearing when her grades didn’t go as planned

You can go through all sorts of emotions waiting for your A-Level results: hope, anticipation, excitement and nervousness, to name just a few.

Sometimes the hope and anticipation can turn to uncertainty when you don’t quite get the grades you were hoping for. This means you might have to think again at which university you would like to attend.

University of Bedfordshire Psychology and Criminal Behaviour graduate, Daisie Johnson, was one student who was faced with the prospect of going though Clearing and picking another university after receiving her exam results. She said:

“My advice would be not to get overwhelmed and stay calm. I didn’t find out until the afternoon that I didn’t get into the University I wanted so I had a whole day of waiting.

“It was horrible but it’s much easier now as you can do it online.

“Try and find a course that is the same one that you wanted to do originally. Don’t necessarily base your choice on the university you originally wanted as chances are you still want to study the course you first picked.

“The first time I visited this University was on my first day. I’d never been to Luton but I liked the campus straight away. If you have the chance then I would recommend checking out the University you’re going to before term starts just so you can get a feel for it.”

Daisie, who has been elected as VP Education for BedsSU, and is thinking about studying a Masters in child or developmental psychology in the future, looks back more fondly of the experience of going through Clearing after graduating in July.

“I’m glad I did get through Clearing and it’s led me to where I am now.

“If that hadn’t happened then I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I’ve had and met all the people I have now – my best friends, and my lecturers – so I’m glad that it did happen. Bedfordshire is a great place to go to university as there is a really nice community here.”