Men and COVID-19’ webinar Image supplied by University of Bedfordshire

‘Men and COVID-19’ webinar organised by Men’s Health Forum

The University of Bedfordshire will be represented by Professor Gurch Randhawa in a ‘Men and COVID-19’ webinar organised by Men’s Health Forum.

The webinar is taking place at 14:30 on Thursday 18 June 2020. Its panel includes Peter Baker, former Chief Executive of the Men’s Health Forum, and Professor Alan White, Patron of the Men’s Health Forum.

It will discuss the effects and risks of COVID-19 among black and minority ethnic communities, as well as implications for the future of the health system.

Professor Randhawa, director of Bedfordshire’s Institute for Health Research, has worked on numerous research projects to improve health for the UK’s diverse communities for the last 25 years. He said:

“I realised in January that with the known risk factors of age and underlying health conditions, and need for social distancing, that black and minority ethnic communities could potentially be at greater risk.

“I am delighted to contribute to the Men’s Health Forum webinar as it will enable us to raise awareness of our Institute for Health Research relating to how to tackle health inequalities among BAME communities.”

Men’s Health Forum, a charity supporting men’s health in England, Scotland and Wales, is hosting a number of events throughout Men’s Health Week 2020, which this year is based on the theme of ‘Take Action on COVID-19’.

Martin Tod, chief executive of the Men’s Health Forum, said:

“We hosted our first webinar about men and Covid-19 in April, and a lot has changed since then. It’s been confirmed that men are at much higher risk of dying from Covid-19 – BAME men especially are at even higher risk.

“We wanted to run a webinar that brought us up to date on the latest research and policy implications that did justice to the extra risk that BAME men face, and the actions that need to be taken.

“We are absolutely delighted that Professor Randhawa is able to take part and provide us with his expertise and insight.”

More information and free ticket reservation for the webinar can be found here.