Local Radio Day 2020

Local Radio Day returns on Monday 12 October 2020

Community radio station, Radio LaB, based at the University of Bedfordshire, is taking part in the fifth annual Local Radio Day campaign.

Local Radio Day is on Monday (12 October 2020). The day highlights the value of local radio to communities and celebrates the unique relationship between local broadcasters and their listeners.

Megan Murphy, a third year Radio & Audio student and one of the Student Station Managers at Radio LaB, said:

“In our station’s Local Radio Day special, I’m going to cover the importance of local radio in the community, focusing in particular on loneliness and how this outlet was important for people during lockdown.

“I’m also going to touch upon how I felt during lockdown and how I turned to other outlets – including radio and podcasts – to deal with my own loneliness, despite being at home with my family.

“I’m also going to be speaking to the station manager at Inspire FM about their programming during lockdown and how they felt it helped the local community.

“As one of the new student managers for this year at Radio LaB, I thought it was important to celebrate local radio – it’s something I can see myself doing as a career in the future.

“Local and student radio are the stepping stones most national presenters used to get where they are today, therefore it’s important to celebrate this and give these platforms the recognition they deserve.

“It’s important, now more than ever, to find new ways to connect with each other, checking in and looking after one another – and local radio is the perfect solution to that.”

Listen to Radio LaB online

From 10am on 12 October, Megan and two other student station managers – Anthony and Rhea – will be hosting three Local Radio Day segments live on air. Tune in to Radio LaB online: radiolab.beds.ac.uk.

Terry Lee, senior tutor in Radio & Audio, spoke to the University’s news team about the importance of local radio and the benefits of having an in-house radio station for students and local people to get involved with:

“We are very fortunate at the University of Bedfordshire. Not many higher education establishments have Ofcom licenced community radio stations on their premises. Fewer still offer their students the opportunity to manage the radio station as their dissertation equivalent. It is truly a student led project.

“Radio LaB offers students a fantastic opportunity to graduate with meaningful radio experiences for their CVs, and simultaneously offers a 24/7 entertainment service for FM listeners in Luton – and worldwide online.

“The station is also a continuous advert for the University and the work we do. As well as hearing from student hosts, listeners hear about University events and open days. They might even hear special programmes celebrating alumni, or highlighting the work of Bedfordshire’s research academics.

“Radio LaB was recently awarded a five year extension on our FM community radio licence in Luton, and we are looking forward to being a part of the local radio landscape until 2025.”

Terry recently spoke with Dom Chambers from the Local Radio Alliance on his Fantastic Noise podcast, where they discussed the significance of Local Radio Day and the future of local radio. Listen to the episode here.

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