A well prepared medicine cabinet can cost less than £6

A well prepared medicine cabinet can help keep children healthy during the winter. This is the latest message from the Luton and Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Groups.

For most minor illnesses, winter bugs and minor cuts, self-care at home is the best choice for your family.

What your medicine cabinet should contain

Its contents will help get your mini-me get back on their feet within a few days. Thus avoiding unnecessary trips to your GP or to A&E.

A well-stocked medicine cabinet can cost as little as £5.65.

Your medicine cabinet should have the following items:

  • Pain relief medicine to treat most kinds of childhood ailments. Such as headaches, tummy aches, earaches, and cold symptoms.
  • A digital thermometer to read a young child’s temperature.
  • Bandages as most cuts and grazes can be treated at home. Clean the wound under tap water and apply the dressing. Bandages can be used to apply direct pressure to larger cuts before being treated in hospital and can support sprained wrists.
  • Waterproof plasters


Rest and fluids

The best treatment for colds and flu at any age is rest and plenty of fluid. Your local pharmacist is a great source of advice. They can check remedies are safe for your children with any medication they may already be taking.

Luton Clinical Commissioning Group, clinical chair, Dr Nina Pearson, said:

“Having a well-stocked first aid kit is essential to stay well this winter. At this time of year many people start to suffer with coughs and colds, by making a few additions to your first aid kit you can be well prepared and be able to treat loved ones at home avoiding unnecessary trips to the GP.

“It is important that we all use the right health services, only using A & E in an emergency makes sure those who need this service are treated quickly.”

If you need medical help but it isn’t an emergency, your local pharmacy is a great place to get advice. Or call NHS111 to speak to a trained advisor.