Ask Your Pharmacist Week

Ask Your Pharmacist Week is urging people to use local pharmacists to help stay well this winter.

This advice is from Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Luton Clinical Commissioning Group.

Ask Your Pharmacist Week runs from 6-13 November. It highlights the range of services provided by your local pharmacy.

More than just issuing prescriptions

Fiona Garnett, Pharmacist and Assistant Director and Head of Medicines Optimisation at Bedfordshire CCG, said:

“Many people think Pharmacists just dispense prescriptions, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“They offer free expert advice on a wide range of health issues and can stop you making an unnecessary trip to your GP practice or local A&E department.”

Pharmacists can provide medicines to treat minor health issues. Such as coughs, colds, sore throats, earache, stomach upsets, and cuts and grazes.

“Minor symptoms are better treated at home with medicine from your pharmacy, leaving doctor’s appointments for people with more complicated or serious conditions.”

They can also carryout checks on blood pressure, cholesterol and weight management.

Easier to visit than your GP

As qualified healthcare professionals, pharmacists have expert knowledge on prescription and over-the-counter medicines. They also have the skills and expertise to help on a range of health issues.

This can save waiting for an appointment with your GP.

Many pharmacies are open seven days a week and late into the evening. Some pharmacies will also be open during the Christmas and New Year Bank holidays.

Medicines use review

Patients who have regular prescriptions can also ask their pharmacist for a medicines use review.

This is a free NHS service. It helps to give patients a better understanding of the medicines they are taking.

It is also an opportunity to discuss any problems they are having with their medication.

To find your nearest pharmacy visit