Regularly eating broccoli “reduces cancer risk by approximately 5%”

Bedfordshire Hospitals Consultant, Professor Robert Thomas has co-led a national scientific study that says eating broccoli and drinking tea can prevent cancer.

Two separate studies were presented (virtually) at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Conference on 31 May 2020. The studies analysed one of the largest data sets in the world with over 155,000 people followed for a period of 12 years.

The first study definitively confirmed regularly eating broccoli reduces cancer risk by approximately 5%. The second study showed regularly drinking tea reduced the risk of prostate cancer.

Professor Thomas is a consultant at Bedford and Addenbrookes NHS trusts and a Professor of Exercise and Nutritional Science at the University of Bedfordshire. He said:

Professor Robert Thomas Image supplied by Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“The robust nature of this data has put to rest any uncertainties about the cancer protective benefits of these two foods.

“It’s reassuring to see this research supports the anti-cancer attributes of tea and broccoli reported in our previous study involving men with prostate cancer and this has now given us encouragement and justification to consider a new preventative study involving these and another polyphenol rich foods for all cancers”

Authors of these studies were:

Professor Robert Thomas, Alex McConnachie, Bethany Stanley and Madeleine Williams from:

    • Bedford and Addenbrooke’s Cambridge University Hospitals
    • Department of Exercise and Nutrition University of Bedfordshire
    • Institute of Health and Wellbeing – Glasgow University
    • Primrose Oncology Research Unit