NHS flu vaccine gives protection against Aussie Flu

Pregnant women are being encouraged to protect themselves and their unborn babies by having the flu jab.

Bedfordshire’s Clinical Commissioning Groups are encouraging high risk patients to get their free flu vaccination and stay protected from the flu virus.

Dr. Uzma Sarwar, lead clinician working with women and children for Luton CCG, said:

“I would urge anyone who is pregnant to get the flu vaccination as soon as possible.

“It’s safe during any stage of pregnancy, from the first few weeks through to the woman’s due date and doesn’t carry any risks for mother or baby.”


Increase in hospital admissions

Bedford Hospital and Luton & Dunstable University Hospital have seen significantly more people admitted with flu this winter.


Only half of pregnant women in Bedfordshire have chosen to have their free flu jab. Less than 40% of pregnant women in Luton have had their vaccination.

Christina Cannell, a Bedfordshire resident, said:

“I wouldn’t let anything harm my unborn baby! I knew the complications of flu can be severe during pregnancy so even though I had my vaccine last year, I had it again this year because the virus changes and I wanted to protect my baby.”

Dr. Annapurna Sen, Head of Health Protection for Public Health in Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes said:

“If you are towards the end of your pregnancy, you can also have the whooping cough vaccination at the same time.”

If you’re pregnant speak to your midwife, pharmacist or GP to arrange for your free flu vaccination.