Mayor Dave’s Freedom of Information request reveals cost of NHS restructuring

New NHS structure brings together health and social care providers across Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes

Bedford Borough Mayor Dave Hodgson has revealed that an NHS restructuring programme has cost over £22 million over the past two years.

Speaking during the latest Bedford Borough Full Council meeting, he confirmed that he only received the figures 68 days after requesting them.

The Integrated Care System (ICS) is a new NHS structure which brings together health and social care providers across all of Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. This includes NHS trusts and the four councils (Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire, Luton Borough and Milton Keynes) across the ICS area.

Bedford Borough Liberal Democrat health spokesperson, Cllr Dean Crofts, asked if the Mayor had been informed of the cost of the reorganisation and how much finance is being diverted from frontline services to pay for it.

Mayor Dave said that he submitted the FOI request after no response was provided to him within 50 days. He had been informed on the day of the meeting that the ICS’s budget was 10.7 million for 18/19, and £11.6 million for 19/20.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said:

“It shouldn’t take an FOI request for me or anyone else to get an answer to the simple question of how much the new Integrated Care System is costing us all.

“Now we know the answer, and it’s a lot. With so much public money being spent on another NHS reorganisation, it is crucial that it is run with more transparency and accountability.”