How NHS 111 can help

Video explains how this free service provides professional health advice

A short video highlighting how NHS 111 is the number to call for non-emergency medical advice is being shared on social media.

The video was shot by Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Luton Clinical Commissioning Group. It features members of staff from the NHS 111 service in Bedford.

In the video local GP Dr Safiya Virji explains that NHS 111 is a free service providing professional advice to help people get the best and most appropriate healthcare for their medical needs.

She lists the range of help available and introduces other members of the team.

How telephone health advisors ask questions

Beth is a specially trained NHS 111 telephone health advisor. On receiving a call she will ask the patient a series of questions as part of an initial assessment.

Although some of the questions may seem irrelevant to the caller’s medical condition, Beth explains that the answers given help rule out any life threatening situations that need emergency care.

Teresa, a nurse who works as a NHS 111 clinical advisor. On receiving the assessment from the health advisors, she makes a clinical evaluation of the patient’s symptoms before deciding on the best course of treatment.

This can include offering advice over the phone for self-care or, if necessary, making an appointment to see an out of hours GP.

NHS 111 is a non-emergency service for when you need urgent, but not emergency care. It offers fee healthcare advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can quickly connect you to a nurse, doctor, pharmacist or dentist.