Development Brief vision for Marston Vale New Villages

Local residents encouraged to comment on the next stage of the planning process

Residents and businesses in Marston Vale are encouraged to give their views on long-term development in the area by taking part in another major consultation.

O&H Land is running the consultation to get views on the Development Brief for the Marston Vale New Villages. (Marston Valley).

The consultation is looking for input from local people on how well the vision as described in the Development Brief responds to Central Bedfordshire Council’s Policy SA2 and priorities for Marston Vale.

Included in the council’s Local Plan is an allocation for a series of new villages in Marston Vale. Located at the heart of the Oxford to Cambridge Arc, the development is designed to bring significant new infrastructure, community facilities and approximately 5,000 homes to the local area over a 20-year period.

The Marston Valley team said that one of the highlights of the proposals is a major new waterway park connecting existing lakes. It would be the first new section of an English waterway in over 100 years.

Adding that the development will deliver new jobs, new schools, leisure facilities, better public transport and health facilities, all designed for a “safe, healthy, high quality of life” which responds to the changes brought about by COVID-19, as well as extensive tree planting and significant support for the Forest of Marston Vale.

A spokesperson for O&H Land said:

“This consultation builds on ongoing engagement with the local community. Over the course of several years, local people have helped us to refine and improve proposals for these new villages in the Marston Vale.

“The Development Brief has been subject to detailed discussions with the Council, but we are now hoping to hear from more local people with local knowledge that will benefit the development.

“Tell us how well you think we are addressing the Council’s principles in the Development Brief. There are six ‘tests’ which we have set out to meet – please tell us if you can see areas where we could do better.”

To capture the public’s views on the Development Brief, O&H Land has updated the Marston Valley website and included an online questionnaire (people must register first). For those without access to the Internet, a posted copy of the consultation documents is also available via Freephone 0800 038 9831.

The consultation on the Development Brief will run for three weeks, from Wednesday 24 February to end of day on Tuesday 16 March 2021.