#rescueanimalrescue Aspley Guise Image: Hula

Lockdown creates a “massive drop in income”

HULA Animal Rescue in Aspley Guise said that if it closes its doors for good up to 170 stray and unwanted cats and dogs could be at risk.

The National Animal Welfare Trust’s centre said this could be the consequence if it does not get emergency government support to cover a shortfall in income lost during the forced temporary closure during lockdown. HULA Centre manager, Nicola Leach, said:

“We’ve been hoping the government would support us like it has with zoos and aquariums, but so far nothing has been announced.

“We rely on the generosity of the public to fund our work and raising money from visitors and year-round events, but lockdown has created a massive drop in income.”

The charity fears that there will be a spike in unwanted animals once lockdown restrictions are fully lifted as people’s circumstances at home and at work change. Nicola said:

“The centres have been quieter during lockdown but we are fully expecting demand for our services to go up, clashing just at a time when the real impact of the lack of funding will hit.

“If we can’t offer places to animals, then I hate to think what will happen to them. It will mean the responsibility will fall to the local authorities, many of which are already cash-strapped because of what they’ve had to do managing the COVID-crisis. I dread to think what this will mean for the animals.”

Now the charity is asking animal lovers to join their appeal by writing a letter to their local MP, urging them to raise the matter with the Chancellor to allocate funds.

You can find details of how to do this by visiting the charity’s website.

Nicola said:

“We’ve written to Nadine Dorries, our local MP, to ask for a meeting. But we know these things need people power so if you’re an animal lover, then please show your support by contacting your MP today. Pets in need don’t have a voice so they need all the help they can get.”

You can follow the HULA Animal Rescue campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The National Animal Welfare Trust runs rescue and rehoming community services for stray animals and pets without any support from the government. For more information visit NAWT.