Meet the Six of Us and their vlog L-R Sophie, Chloe, Sarah, Ellie, Martyn and Hollie

Meet the Six of Us

Bedfordshire has its own reality family show. The Six of Us (6OU) are a family of ‘vloggers’ (video bloggers), with their own YouTube channel. They are mum (Sarah), dad (Martyn), and Sophie, Hollie, Chloe and Ellie.

Everyday they film their activities, edit the day into a short film, then post it for the world to see.

The idea came from the eldest daughter, Sophie. Her mum, Sarah, said:

“She asked me to have a go. I wasn’t sure about the idea and I only committed to a week.”

Sarah cringes when she looks back to the early videos.

“But I just fell in love with it, I love making the memories.

“When you have the camera out all the time you cover so much more than by just taking a picture.”

What is recorded?

How difficult is it to come up with material, and are the cameras rolling all the time?

Martyn said:

“I wouldn’t say that the videos are structured, but it is usually something in the morning, and the evening. It depends on what we did during the day.”

Sarah added:

“If it’s something like a challenge then obviously it will be prearranged. But we don’t know what is going to happen as it never goes to plan.”

Safety concerns

For kids, video is a fun way to communicate. But all this sharing raises concerns for parents. How do Sarah and Martyn keep their children safe?

Martyn said:

“Sarah is very safety conscious. The children’s safety is the primary concern.

“You hear lots of things about people finding things out online. We take steps to limit the information out there.”

Sarah said:

“There isn’t any personal information on any of the vlogs. The children are never in their school uniform and we never give the address of where we are. If we film the car, the registration number is always blocked out.”

“Sophie does most of the editing, but it will all be checked by me before it is uploaded.”

Martyn added:

“Sophie has a very artistic point of view when it comes to taking photos and videos. She is very natural at it, so there are not many changes that we have to make, she is spot on every time.”

Extended family have the option if they want to appear in a vlog. Parents are also consulted before there is any events involving the sisters’ friends.

6OU Sisters

The main #6OU channel is based around mum, the sisters and an occasional appearance from dad. But now the sisters have got their own channel. Are the parents worried that they may get left out?

Sarah said:

“I think eventually the kids might take over, which is fine. I’m happy for them to be the lone idea if that’s what they want to do.

“I would still continue because I love doing it, and making memories of the kids.”

Advice for families wanting to start their own vlog

Sarah has a simple tip for those who are thinking about starting their own videos. All you have to do is pretend. that you are talking to a family member.

“Pick up the camera, but don’t upload them. Just practice talking to the camera.

“Just keep doing it!”

Visit YouTube to see all the videos from the Six of Us and the Six of Us Sisters here