Ollie Yates raising money for Spiny Norman’s Hedgehog Support Image Jo Yates

‘Fun’ run to raise money for a garden for disabled hedgehogs

Ollie Yates, a Year 9 student from Bedford School, has beat the lockdown blues by setting himself a huge challenge to raise money for Spiny Norman’s Hedgehog Support which rescues and rehabilitates poorly hedgehogs.

He is running a whopping 300km (186 miles), which is the average distance a hedgehog roams in a year. He said:

“I originally planned to run 5km a day, but I’ve actually run anything between 8 and 20k a day. “I started running on 25 April and so far, I have completed 260km. This has raised over £1000.”

His grand finale is to finish with a half marathon ending at Spiny Normans Hedgehog Support in Wyboston on Saturday 27 June. Ollie has visited Spiny Norman’s (which moved from Wixams to larger premises in Wyboston) where he was able to feed some tiny hoglets and meet some of the residents there.

Amanda Norman, who runs the rescue centre, said unfortunately, the Centre does end up with a few hedgehogs who cannot be released fully back to the wild. She said:

“Being able to offer these hedgehogs a safe area in which to live out their days with support is very important.

“With Ollie’s fundraising it means that we can start thinking about getting this special garden with escape proof fencing for disabled hedgehogs planned and make it into a reality.

“I cannot express my gratitude in words to this young man Ollie, what an incredible thing he is doing for the hedgehogs, a real hedgehog hero, an absolute star.

“It’s no mean feat running that far but he has shown real determination and dedication to this cause, and I must say a massive thank you to Ollie from myself and on behalf of all of the hedgehogs, past, present and future.”

Ollie understands that the Lockdown is a financially worrying time for many, he said:

“But please help if you can however small the amount. It all adds up and will make all the difference to these wonderful hedgehogs.”

You can donate at www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/spiny-normans.

If you’re interested in becoming a Hedgehog Hero, like Ollie, please email Amanda at spinyhogs@gmail.com. You choose the sponsored activity, which should be completed by the end of September, and you can help the hedgehogs who need Spiny Norman’s care.

For more information on Spiny Norman’s and to follow the progress of the hogs currently in its care, visit www.spinynormans.co.uk or Facebook.

Amanda Norman who runs the hedgehog support centre